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Some Holiday Shop Suppliers offer to give you a phone application and suggest you and your volunteers use their smart phone to record sales . . . Kids' Korner® does not. 

If you are making CASH sales you need a CASH Register for the same reason national retailers like Walmart®, Sears®, Safeway®, and even Apple® use a CASH Register to record CASH sales.   You have an Audit Trail and less chance of money going missing.

With the Kids' Korner® programmable CASH Register the Cashier doesn't have to remember the prices of each item -- she just presses the key that matches the Price Code on the item and the right price is rung up.

With the Kids' Korner® programmable CASH Register the parents receive a receipt showing the amount their child has spent (not the items).

With the Kids' Korner® programmable CASH Register program you don't have to Inventory -- saving you and your volunteers hours of valuable time.  NO COUNTING OF INVENTORY!

Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®

... will loan you an easy to use preprogrammed Cash Register.

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